The Casual Ironman

CasualIronman.jpgI am happily settled in Lanzarote. Above is the beach at Puerto del Carmen. This is real Brits abroad territory and I’m loving it. The contrast between us doing serious training and then walking down the front here being enticed in to bars for beer is great.

I’m rather enjoying it. I’m getting back into a little training but also being relaxed about it all. I’m currently on my second pint in a cafe in the sun whilst I write this. Jo and Russ are off to register for the Volcano triathlon whilst I’m doing my bit resting up so I’ll be able to ride across and give them some monster support. Listen carefully at about 10:30am on saturday you may be able to hear me.

Russ is finding my current attitude to training rather amusing. I’ve had beers with meals, gone not only to grab dessert at the buffet but also gone for seconds. The best for him though was we went for “coffee’ and I decided what the hell I’ll have a beer. I’m so happy to be doing some training at the moment that I feel getting serious about beer and dessert can easily wait another week or so. At the Tri London BBQ on Sunday night Jo was even heard to comment I was more fun now I’m not training. I’m sure she didn’t really mean it but I understand the point she was making, seeing me tipsy is not something thats happened that often since we’ve been together.

I’ve been swimming the past three mornings. Lovely out in the sea though getting up has been a struggle. Yesterday I joined Jo on her 90 minute swim. I had ambitions to swim round to the next bay but the swell and tide conspired against us. Now it’s a goal for this holiday.

I’ve done a couple of rides slowly progressing on what I did before I came out here. On Tuesday I managed 40 miles in 3 hours. Then had a rest day. Yesterday I did 54 miles in just over 4 hours. The first 3 hours were tough – headwind for 2 hours then 50 minute climb up Tabeyasco. Awesome climb, managed to spin up it and it gives  a benchmark on my fitness. In the cafe at the top I was really quite exhausted, luckily the return was downhill with a tail wind. Resting again today as this weekend I hope to ride both days as I’d like to support at the Tri and meet some friends for lunch on Sunday …. we will see.

Starting back is filled with a mix of feelings. It’s rather gutting to get so tired so easily but that will pass. Dropping off the back and having people wait is rather humbling and makes me feel that returns to fitness are best done on your own or in the company of good friends. Jo and Russ are proving great friends as they patiently wait and give encouraging comments about being impressed with how I’m cycling. Beyond that I don’t think I’d be hugely keen to head out with some random group. I’ve been getting my small victories though managing to pass some cyclists on the road !

I’m clearly feeling more comfortable about training as I’ve been in and updated my plan for the rest of the year. I’ve put in a very gentle return to running. For me this important – having a plan that is in no way ambitious is a crucial piece in my not pushing things too early. That being said I’ve found an “Eddington Number” within my reach this holiday – bike weekly miles.

I’ve made some first steps for our future. I’ve signed up to do the ASA Level 1 swim coaching course the first week in June and also plan to do the BTA Level 1 course when I return from Kona. I’ve also taken on my first athlete to coach. It’s been really exciting constructing a schedule for someone else.

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