Aircast.jpgIt’s not that my life currently revolves around what my current left foot wear is but here’s a picture of it. I saw Ioan on Tuesday and it was decided the splint wasn’t really that great so I was put in this aircast boot. It’s alot better for walking about on, I’ve managed to do 9 minute miles in this baby which is really encouraging…. only joking. That was for Ioan since he told me on Tuesday that he read my blog ! Thats probably a good thing. He said it meant he was wary of giving me too long a leash in case I’ll over do it. So what can I do now – I’m allowed to swim but mustn’t push off the wall. I am allowed to cycle but need to spin and ease back if there’s any discomfort. Unfortunately I have to walk around in this boot for another 6 weeks.

What have I done ? Very little. I must admit I’m a little scared as Ioan made it pretty clear that re-snapping this would not be good. So I’m being pretty wary erring on the side of a little extra rest will do no harm. That said the recovery is encouraging, the tendon moves ok and there’s no pain. I swam briefly in the Four Seasons at the weekend with the splint on – it felt weird. I was slow due to loss of fitness and the splint providing a lot of drag. I’ve not been out on the bike yet as I don’t feel I should do my first ride back in London weekday traffic. I’m planning to wear the splint to prevent my foot bending upwards. Hopefully will get out this weekend. If I can cycle OK I may manage some of the club swim sessions next week but will have to remember to only push off with my right foot.

Despite all this I’ve been pretty down in the dumps since returning from Provence. I think part of it is that it’s now a little scary facing starting back into things. I’ll not only find out what fitness I’ve lost but also now run the risk of finding that the fix isn’t so good or that it re-snaps. Also I’ve spent the past two days pretty much on my own. When you’re not very mobile company becomes even more precious. Just spending time in others company is great, it really doesn’t matter what you’re doing. Remember this when you have friends that are injured / immobile. I’ve been lucky in that lots of people have made an effort to meet up  and I have my family around each evening. So last night I did the right thing heading over to Regents Park for the club 5k race. It was more of a walk across Regents Park that I’d imagined but that in itself is a good thing. With time on your hands having to travel to hang out with people is abit of a bonus as it helps pass the time. It crossed my mind to travel across country to see Jo. There was a big turnout at the handicap followed by a couple of pints at the pub. It cheered me up no end.

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