I am really struggling to get going at the moment. Had numerous false starts at getting back in to training. Ditched the 60 in 60 and started 40 of 40 in 40 yesterday and am already 2 runs behind – yes I’ve not run at all this weekend. I think a huge part is that getting my flat sorted ready for moving out is proving incredibly unsettling and distracting. This combined with an unbelievable difficulty getting out of bed on a morning. I feel so drained when I wake I just can’t force myself out of bed. I can’t ever remember being like this, normally I find it so easy to get out of bed. The prospect of training being enough to get me up and running. It’s starting to get slightly  worrying. For a long while I could look on it as just recovering from a long season and that it was doing me good. But now it’s drifting on too much. The big worry is not running. Though it’s not worrying enough that it’s getting me out ! Anyway … the issue is that I’m doing so little now I feel I’ll run the risk of injury when I get back in to it. In my mind I start tomorrow. Thats not the first time I’ve said that to myself but it’s the first time I’ve publicly declared it here and I plan to report back on how I go this week.

Plans for next year are coming together. Flights have been booked for New Zealand and Lanza. Accommodation has been booked for both as well, we’ve even paid for Lanza. My oldest friend Andy has come up trumps again for Hawaii – he’s letting Jo and I book our flights using his airmiles ! So generous ! Even more so that it looks like we’re going to get first class flights ! It’s not so bad being an unemployed wannabe Ironman ;o)

Though the sorting out of my flat is distracting and unsettling, when I get down to it it’s incredibly therapeutic, it feels like the biggest release. I’ve taken so much to the charity shop, put stuff on Freecycle and the odd thing on eBay. Main things left are to get my car sold and either find a foster home for the remainder of my posh stereo or get it sold. I’ve taken two loads of stuff up to my mums and will take another car load in a couple of weeks. From there everything has to go to my sisters or be sold / given away. It’s quite fun ‘selling up’.

As for training … you’ve guessed there’s not much of it. Virtually nil for running and when I run I feel heavy and unfit. When I swim or bike though I feel good. Only been swimming once a week but the combination of being a little bit more buoyant and being fresh has meant I’m flying. Last wednesday the main set was:

3 x 100m on 1:25 30s 400 TT 30s 3 x 100m on 1:25
400 drill
2 x 100m on 1:25 30s 400 TT 30s 2 x 100m on 1:25
16 x 25 kick
1 x 100m on 1:25 30s 400 TT 30s 1 x 100m on 1:25

Made the 100s easily in 1:15 – 1:17 though the first was a shockingly quick 1:11 ! 400s in 5:09, 5:10, 5:15. Considering at the start of the year my 400 TT time was 5:19 I reckon thats decent progress.

On the bike I’m feeling good as well. Thursday morning rides are quick and feel fun to push. Yesterday I did a really enjoyable ride with Gabriel. It was ruthlessly efficient. Meet 6:30 ride non stop to Box Hill, coffee, cake, ride back. 72 miles and home at 11am ! Felt great. But rather indicative of the motivational issues I have at the moment that didn’t follow on for the weekend and I’ve done nothing since.

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