Wheel Building

Just finished the Wheel Building part of my bike mechanics course. Above are the new wheels for my fixed that I built and what the bike looks like.

I really think Wheel Building could be my thing. I really enjoyed it and found it thoroughly engrossing. It reminded me of when I used to write code – you got so involved with what you were doing you lost track of time, got a real ‘flow’. So I’m now looking into buying the tool I need to build wheels at home and then offer to build up hand built wheels for people at a reasonable price. Certainly having built these I appreciate how good a pair of hand built wheels can be. This morning I was flying round Regents Park during our intervals session. I was on my fixed and Jo asked if it was the wheels cause if it was everyone would want a pair  ! I even went as far as tying the wheels – the guys in Mosquito reckoned it give a pretty hard ride but after this mornings outing I was very pleased with it.

The bulk of the course was last week and it was really what I’d hoped for. Didn’t go into the basic stuff that I already knew but covered things like frame preparation, bottom bracket and headset installation and maintenance as well as looking at hubs, setting up of brakes and gears. Loads of good little tips gained along the way. Now I’m confident about completely stripping down a bike and giving it a good service as well as building up a new bike from scratch though I couldn’t do this at home as I don’t have the tools for frame prep.

It was pretty tiring doing the course so all I managed was a run to the station each morning. It’s meant that my 60 runs in 60 days is already behind schedule after 10 days ! I didn’t swim for over two weeks but last night in the pool felt pretty good. Was cruising 100s at between 1:15 and 1:20. Comfortably managed a set of 6 on 1:25 but couldn’t quite make 4 on 1:20. Even so this is a great starting point for the winters training.

Things are getting pretty on top of me at the moment. Our plans for next year are getting sorted. We’re booked on Epic Camp New Zealand, I’m about to book our flights out, we’re booked our flights for Lanza. Unfortunately my flat isn’t let or sold yet. I’m clearing everything out and now having to decide what to do if it’s not let or sold when I leave. I will feel alot happier and more able to focus on training once this is all sorted. Whatever happens by the time we get to New Zealand at the beginning of next year there shouldn’t be much to worry about whilst we’re out there.

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