2009 Goal

GoalWisconsinAbove is me getting my award at Wisconsin. Another 3rd age group placing in an M-dot race. Never done better. Hence the title of this entry – next year the main goal is to do better than 3rd in my age group. I’m moving up so with luck that will help.

Preparations have been pretty up and down at the start of this week luckily ending on the up ! Monday morning I still felt pretty drained and my tummy still wasn’t great so I missed the squad swim – not happy about that but when I slept in for a total of 11 hours you feel that perhaps it was the right thing. I ran with Stephen at lunchtime and I felt pretty relaxed and definitely the best since Wisconsin.

On Sunday I’d kind of “cricked’ my back – about a third of the way down my right shoulder blade. On Monday this got worse and by the end of the day it felt rather like my neck felt when I slipped a disc about 6 years ago. In bed Monday night I wasn’t happy as I couldn’t really roll over from my back onto my left hand side because of the pain. I popped some Ibuprofen though didn’t feel much better.

I of course woke Tuesday feeling ok … but that was on my back as soon as I tried to turn over I felt the pain. Started to get worried. Decided I had to get out on the bike just to find out if it was ok. It was, mostly, slightly uncomfortable to look over my right shoulder and when uphill out  of the saddle but not that bad. It should clear in a matter of days … so should be ok. Felt strong on the bike – great !

Back home I didn’t run but walking to the supermarket I felt sprightly. I felt like I wanted to run. I don’t often feel like this but when I do it tends to be a good sign.

Finally – sat doing the club website, eating a snack when I notice I’ve chipped the crown of a tooth. Luckily I seem to have managed to get an appointment with a dentist before I leave. Last thing I wanted was a 3 week holiday with a chipped tooth.

Sat here now my back is feeling alot better. It may be the ibuprofen but I think not.

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