Final Three Weeks

MadisonSwimStartThe picture is of the Wisconsin swim start. I’ll be just out of picture on the right. Nice to think that I was leading that mass of swimmers. I’ve uploaded some photos of the race here and here.

Had hoped that this weekend would see me doing some decent aerobic training but a second wave of fatigue and a tummy bug has held me back. I’ve slept 11 hours the last two nights ! On Saturday I headed out to Surrey and felt so sluggish. Met Jo for lunch and headed back, started feeling better later in the ride. Today I’ve done nothing as my tummy has been quite upset and though I’ve not felt ill it certainly wouldn’t have been wise to go cycling. It’s slightly frustrating but I’m fully aware that getting recovered is more important than trying to get sessions in. At least I’ve been eating well.

Kona has come around so quickly. Within 5 days I will actually be in Kona ! I am very excited about the race, perhaps more so than in previous years. At the moment I feel mentally ready to really go for it the aim now is to try and maintain that.

With three key races all now entered for next year I’m almost tempted to start planning my training ! It’ll give me something to do on the plane and during down time in Kona ;o)

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