What A Difference A Day Makes

PassoDoGiauJo and I atop Passo di Giau. She pushed me all the way to the top. Kept me honest.

I can’t believe how much better I feel now. Was thinking today that it would be good to do some research into the causes of post Ironman depression because it really hits me hard. I can pick the precise moment when everything changed:

Wednesday lunchtime Stephen comes round for a lunchtime run. We head to Hampstead Heath. As we start I feel pretty bad and we are running slow. As we approach Hampstead Heath I’m thinking that there’s a big possibility I’ll have to stop and walk home. I feel bad but just can’t face stopping. At 40 minutes we’re in the park and going up the hill and suddenly I start running freely and I feel great. Completed the rest of the 1h40 run feeling great. That night I head to swimming. I get in bang on time and push on ensuring no time is wasted – this is a sure sign I’m motivated. During the main set I manage a 2.35 200m and a 5.28 400m. Not gone better than that for a few years now.

This morning no worries getting up and out on the fixed. Jo and I spend an hour doing 2-up with 2-3 minute pulls. I feel good pushing myself. Then head to the pool and before I know it I’ve done a good steady 7.1km in under 2 hours. I enjoyed ‘flow’ during the swim and was thinking about nailing my training and being super strong and flying at Wisconsin and then going even better at Kona. Tonight I headed to the clubs Thursday night run, I felt light on my feet but made a point of only doing a few intervals. Felt great running back and patted myself on the back for being so wise.

2 days ago if someone had said I’d feel like this now I wouldn’t have believed them. Fingers crossed that thats the down in the dumps period over and now I can  start training hard.

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