Difficulty Getting Out Of Bed

GrandCanyonThis is me just before I ran to the Inner Canyon and back when visiting the Grand Canyon with my mum. Back in the days where I did stuff like that just for the sheer challenge and to see what I could do.

I’ve been wondering recently whether I’ve lost touch with why I enjoyed getting in to Ironman. Back in the days before I was ‘serious’ and before I heard people telling me to change how I train. I should just get back to what I enjoyed and thats testing out my endurance limits.

Perhaps thats what I need to do to get my motivation back.

Had a couple of topics I considered for this entry. Probably touch on them both. The first is nothing to do with the title. This past weekend, in fact, this past Sunday there were 4 different Ironman Races on and I knew one or more people in each of them. All seemed to have awesome races, which is fantastic. I spent a good part of Sunday afternoon online checking up on them all. So well done to Gabriel and Helen at IM Austria, Gary, Rafael and Russ at IM Switzerland, Chris, Richard, Pete, Nick and John at Roth and finally Kevin at Forestman. I hope u all read this blog ;o)

Now to the main topic. I’ve always been a morning person. Alarm goes off I get up. No problems whatsoever. I’ve always been very unsympathetic with people that can’t get up. Well… is this about to change. For the past few months I’ve found it so difficult getting up. The alarm goes and my whole body just feels like a dead weight. This morning I got 8 hours sleep before my alarm went off. This always used to be more than enough to guarantee a sprightly start but this morning even though I had agreed to meet Roger in St Neots at 11am (a mere 75 miles or so away) I was, literally, unable to muster the energy to get out of bed. I had to text and cancel which I felt so guilty about as I pride myself on being reliable. It’s got me thinking.

I’m getting worried I may have tipped into overtraining and not realised it. Took a look at my HR data in the run up to New Zealand verses run up to Germany:

New Zealand: Av – 42, min – 29, max – 55

Germany: Av – 48, min – 35, max – 65

Funnily enough this reassured me ! The averages were no where near as different as I expected though I’t gotta be significant being 15% higher.

Really don’t know what do to. Part of me is screaming just push on with training as in the past once you establish a routine it all just ticks along perfectly. This was the case on Sunday – I didn’t feel hugely motivated to train but once out on my fixed I motored along and felt great. Completing a 75 mile loop in 4 hours – more or less equalling the previous best (which had been on my TT bike). The other part of me is saying rest abit more. This doesn’t feel right though. I rested so much post Epic and then at Germany didn’t really push that hard on the run so why should I need more rest now. No conclusions as yet.

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