Some Intensity

Here’s another YouTube video of the Mid Wales Ultra. bit more footge of Jo and I. Certainly enjoy getting a chance to think back over that race.

Been planning out my summers training and looking to try and build on all the base work I’ve done till now and get some increased bike and running speed. My swimming is improving as I knew it would by increasing my volume and doing weights in the gym. It’s the one aspect where I’m confident about what I need to do. I think largely because it’s the one area that I’m not aiming to go faster than I’ve ever done before. It’d be awesome to get back to my student days of knocking out 4.40 for 400s in training but it’s probably not going to happen. However, I do know that if I consistently get the swimming done and do weights I will move closer to that. On Wednesday evening I cruised a 5.25 400 in the middle of the main set and this morning I managed 5.19 in a TT. Please with it considering I didn’t really pace it for the fastest time but did a race simulation. Thus I went flat out for 50m – even beat Luis down the first length and was with him at two… he went on to do 4.45 ! My target now is to manage at least 20k of swimming per week and other than during recovery and race weeks continue this to Kona. With luck, I will get out of the swim well up the field and enjoy a great bike.

I did some quality sessions yesterday. In the morning went to Regents Park. Kevin was on his new TT bike and we did about 75 minutes of constant effort averaging well over 20mph. When the others arrived we did a session of 5 x (1 lap all out, half lap recovery) – we were all going well and gave great motivation. I was on my fixed and managed every lap between 7.28 (my last lap) and 7.42 (4th lap – got held up a little by lights and traffic) – these are some of the fastest laps I’ve done.

In the morning I got in the pool and did a long continuous swim. Did 1km to start then got the pull Buoy and band and swam a straight 5km. Then did a final 2km. 8km in 2h20.

Lunchtime saw me running with Stephen. Headed to Primrose Hill and did 20 minutes of hill repeats.

The day knocked me for six. Rested the rest of the afternoon, couldn’t face the club handicap in the evening. In bed and asleep by 7.30pm but still tired at 4.30am so knocked my hours run on the head and got an extra hours sleep.

Pretty sure I’m going to knock the 60 runs of 60 minutes in 60 days attempt on the head as I’m starting to feel now that it’s detrimental motivation. I feel down when I miss a run and then am often out running almost zombie like. Important thing now is recovery to make the most of Epic Camp.

Seeing how much the intense work yesterday took out of me – particularly the bike sessions means I’m going to spend some time reviewing my summer schedule and ensuring there is enough recovery time for the more intense cycling I’m planning.

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