Final Block Of Volume

It’s been ages since the last entry. I’ve been struggling for motivation and couldn’t face writing about it here. I’ve also had a really niggly right ankle which has prevented me running since Lorient and has certainly contributed to the lack of motivation. This sort of thing gives u a reason not to train when you are undecided.

I’ve been seeing physio twice a week now for a few weeks. My right calf has loosened and we no longer think it’s an Achilles problems. PHEW !! Absolutely dread ever having a problem Achilles. It seems the bone on the inside of the heel is bruised. On Friday we wondered whether it’s my new cycling shoes so I’ve gone back to my old ones for the moment. Touch wood, the problem has been virtually non existent this weekend. Looking at the shoes they are very tight around the heel. Funny, I bought these new shoes to  try and ease the pain I get in the balls of my feet – paid top dollar for them ! Now it looks like they may be the cause of my problems and will have to be chucked.

Despite no running I have managed to get the volume in on the bike. This past week I’ve done 643 miles. This weekend just gone I did 196 miles on Saturday and 171 miles yesterday. The Saturday ride was tough. I went all out at the start and managed the first 100 miles in 5h20 (this included getting out of London).  The next 96 took a further 6 hours. The key was to back up this mileage with more on Sunday. Luckily I was cycling with Jo on Sunday which helped get me out of the door. The pace was much slower but the effort was probably more. Awesome weekend

Some other rides of note were completing the Dunwich Dynamo in the pissing rain and also finally do the 100 miler round Regents Park in the dark with Jo ! Quite an experience. We’re convincing ourselves it’s good mental preparation for Ironman.

Swimming is really coming on well. It feels like I’m timing my swim improvements perfectly. Managed to consistently make all three of the clubs coached 90 minute sessions each week and it’s showing. I’m now comfortably making sets based off 90 second 100s and have managed the odd set based on 1.25s.

Just need to get back into the running and I’ll be all set.

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