ITU Long Course Race Analysis

Just back from Lorient France where yesterday I raced in the ITU World Long Course Championships (click here for race report). I did far better than I expected going into the race coming 7th in my age group and 2nd Brit in my age group home. I managed sub 2 hours for a 80km bike ride and 1.20 for 20k run. The bike is awesome … feels like a real milestone. But overall it’s rather disappointing. It’s hindsight that make it so. Looking at the results I was in 2nd place heading out on the run only 30 seconds behind the leader at that point. The eventual winner passed me in the first lap and beat me by 5 minutes having gone 6 minutes quicker on the run. I look at the 1.20 split that I did and think about how I’d read somewhere that every ½ stone in weight was 10 minutes on your marathon time. A few years back I kind of proved this by bettering my marathon time by 10 minutes one year later and 7lbs lighter ! Anyway – a couple of years ago I was racing at 155lbs but going into this I was high 170s … I was definitely a stone over race weight – I have no doubts that’s 5 -10 minutes on that run. My sister even said I looked heavy on the run and my running was strong but laboured. I feel I should have been on the podium. Slightly less gutting is letting the GB guy go by me in the last KM. I stuck with him for 100m or so but when he upped the pace I just let him go. I didn’t know we were the top two Brits and certainly had no idea we were in the top 10. So when he pushed the pace I just thought – I’m not that bothered about this race and he’s clearly keen to be one place higher so I let him go. If I’d known it was a pass for 6th and first brit he would have had a fight on his hands. This is minor though – if I’d arrived here in shape he’d not have got close to me.

I’m hoping this is gonna be the kick up the backside I need. It’s satisfying that I still am in very good shape but I know how much better shape I could be in if I could just get my nutrition under the same control as my training.

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