Ironman Switzerland Race Preview

I’m finally feeling better. Heart rate has come right down, had a couple of massages and even done the odd run. Total run mileage since IM Lanzarote – 52m. Weekly average run mileage for the year 55.5m. That should give a clear indication of how little running I’ve done recently. In 4.5 weeks I managed less than my average per week to this point!

My swimming and biking are going great though. On the swimming front I’ve maintained my swimming – not done the big yardage I was doing through April, that will return after this weekend. I have been doing quality club sessions though. I am happily knocking out 100s in 1.20 and just under which is getting there. When that’s down to 1.15s I’ll be happy.

Cycling has gone as planned since Lanzarote. I’ve had a couple of weeks of over 500 miles but more importantly quite a few key sessions. The Tour of Wessex gave me some hard riding. I’ve managed two double century rides. On Saturday I went out and did a tempo 100 miler – managed 109 miles in 6 hours which included one stop after 3.30 for some food. Then yesterday Jo and I got out on the TT bikes and managed 60 miles in 3.20. During the ride I had several race pace bursts … well even above race pace – several extended periods of 25 mph – felt great.

But running …. Jeez it’s an unknown. Prior to Ironman Lanza I was confident in my running but now I have no idea. This combined with pretty poor nutrition of late which means I’m carrying a few extra pounds means I feel like I’m rather stepping into the unknown. Fully expecting a strong swim/ bike and to be heading into the run on course for a good time. At that point I just don’t know what will happen. I think my biggest worry is I’ll end by feeling I’ve blown a chance for a great time. My positive thinking is that both of the last two seasons I’ve had a period of low running (later in the summer in the past) and following that I’ve run well. So I’m rather banking on that.

Luckily this race isn’t of any real importance and perhaps if I experience my first bad Ironman race it will be for the best and kick my arse into gear for the summer where I need to train HARD for Kona.

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