It’s a great thing hindsight. Each day in my training diary I track my weight, body fat %, amount of sleep and resting HR. The idea of this is to give me an indication if I’m overtraining or under the weather and should ease off. All the evidence can be staring you in the face but you don’t notice it. For the past couple of weeks I’ve started to get really worried about my lack of motivation and feeling lethargic. I’ve hardly done any running (two one hour runs) since Lanzarote and this was starting to become quite a concern. My resting HR has regularly been in the high 50s / low 60s (which is 20 bmp above the norm) despite less training and loads of sleep. Did I think “you must be ill” ? did I hell till today when I woke at 4am, resting HR 40 and jumped out of bed keen as mustard to get on the bike.

Clearly I’ve been ill.

Today was awesome – felt on top of the world. Lovely day so I made the most of it. Met john at 8am at Box Hill –  I’d got 50 miles done by the time I met him. We then did a great ride nipping into Hampshire at one point. It included a morning coffee stop, a lunch stop and an afternoon tea stop. I finished with my normal loop home getting back at 8pm having covered 201 miles !! Well chuffed. Last long ride before Switzerland. Now the hope is that tomorrow I feel motivated for a lunchtime run !!

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