Training Rollercoaster

It is quite a roller coaster – sometimes feel great others not. Always wondering why, is it overtraining?

Wednesday I sleep in but sods law I’m wide awake at 6am when I could have slept till 8. Pottered a little before heading to work. At lunchtime felt good on a steady lunchtime run and good in swimming. Then Thursday morning I head out early on the fixed and feel terrible. Legs just completely shot. I’m concerned about what will happen when the others arrive. Sods law… Gabriel arrives early and is doing his long ride as he’s on call at the weekend. So he’s on his posh bike and I’m struggling to stay with him. Then the others arrive and, it was my own fault… when this dude whizzes by I jokingly try and jump on his wheel and shout to the others “where’s your competitive instinct ?” Next thing I know this guy is in our group and we are hurtling around. A few laps of suffering and finally I feel good. At one point I’m hanging on the back as we have a brief period at 27.5mph – the absolute limit of what I can do on my fixed. Ended with 60 miles in a little over 3.5 hours.

Then at lunchtime I’m out on my own running and flying – 11 mile route in 76 minutes – first and last mile easy. Absolutely superb.

Then this morning back on the bike I feel like death. Seriously consider knocking it on the head but am meeting  Luis so keep going. It’s such a battle with the 78″ gear I now have. At the speeds I’m going your are forever working to keep it moving. I manage to get 50 miles done in 3h20. Then lunchtime today out for a steady 9 mile run and I feel great again. I’m taking massive positives from this since it shows I can still run fast and hard even if my legs feel shot from the bike. Too knackered now though to head for a swim at the pool. Also need to cook and pack for the weekend in The Lakes.

Could be interesting…

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