More Little Milestones

I love my little milestones and hit a couple in the past few days. Yesterday I managed 200 miles on my bike in 12 hours. Only the second time ever I’ve managed 200 miles. This was on my time trial bike so I’m doubly chuffed. It’s clearly darn comfy. I drove out to Box Hill early as I had to visit the bike shop. On the way out I hatched the plan to not run first but get straight out on the bike. I started at just after 6am and did a couple of hours trying to spend time on the tri bars before coming back to meet John. I had a little breakie before getting the text from john that he wasn’t coming. I headed back out to try and push along on the Tri Bars. I was feeling sluggish and battled through just over 4 hours before arriving at Cranleigh for lunch (scotch egg and pork scratchings!). Another 2.5 hours got me back to Box Hill café for coffee and cake before heading to the bike shop to collect my bike box. I spent abit of time in there so knew I’d be pushed to get 200 miles done. I cycled down from Box Hill, headed to a spar for some quick snap and then out for a solid 3.5 hours where I covered 62 miles. Finally I was feeling great – motoring along on the tri bars and just felt like I could keep going and going. Unfortunately dusk arrived and at just after 8pm I had to stop.

The other milestone was a swimming one. On Monday I did a mammoth 16.4km of swimming which took my WTD swim yardage over 30k for the first time this year. HURRAH !!

As for the weekend, that was none too shabby either. Headed out to Box Hill – did my usual 13 mile North Downs run before meeting Jo on the bike. We did a fast flat loop round to Cranleigh. Then a hard hilly route back to Box Hill. We managed Winterfold, Little Belgium, Leith Hill, White Downs and Box Hill. Exhausting. Jo headed for a run whilst I did more laps round Box Hill. Clocking 134 miles total. We went to our favourite diner for tea. I had a great T-bone steak.

Sunday, Jo and I managed to get up and do a short run – 6.5 miles. For me it was quite sharp, I was running well. We then headed south on the bikes to meet John, Gary and Julian to ride to Brighton. John has a rather nice route down. We stopped there for food – fish and chips for some for me I popped into Somerfield for something slightly more healthy. Gary and Jo ducked out for the train so far back. This left Julian and I crying for mercy on Johns wheels. Well actually we didn’t make a noice we just focussed on not dropping the wheel infront. It was good for about 20 miles before I headed my separate way. I cut across to get to Box Hill café in time for coffee, treacle tart and a rock cake (yes TWO cakes!) – I was pretty hungry. Then did my usual 50 mile loop home to clock up 167 miles. I felt so strong coming along embankment – I was cranking out 300 watts consistently !!

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