Marathon Week

No I don’t mean a big week, though it was a pretty decent weeks training, I mean the week of the London Marathon. My preparations are going to plan though far from what you would call a taper.

On the running front the plan was to get to a 100+ mile wtd total at the end of Tuesday and then ease off. Monday I got 18 miles done through a variety of runs: 10 miles before swimming, 3 miles to and from the bike shop and 5 miles two and from my sisters. On Tuesday I got a 13 mile run done down in the Surrey Hills. This brought my wtd to 107 miles. Jobs a good en ! On Wednesday I did a steady paced 7.5 miles in the morning with Jo and then 3 miles to and from swimming. Since then I’ve not run at all and don’t intend to tomorrow.

The other part of the plan was to maintain relatively high swim and bike mileage this week and then do a big ride tomorrow. Big ride is planned and I will report back tomorrow night hopefully. Other riding this week included 139 miles on Tuesday, 53 miles Thursday and 39 miles this morning. Swimming saw a little over 14k on Monday, 4.5k on Wed, 4.2k Thurs and 4.5k today. Not bad at all. Swimming is going really well at the moment. On Wednesday night I was hitting 1.17 for 100s and yesterday and today I did a 3.8k timetrial in exactly 60 minutes. Really getting close to the sort of pace I’d like. Target is 55 minutes by Kona.

Monday and Tuesday were both great training days this week. Here are the details:


So manic and non stop. Up early ran 8.5 miles to swimming for a 4.5k 1.5 hour session then 1.5 mile run home for breakfast. Took bike to bike shop and then ran 1.5 miles to pool. Did a 7km session in about 2 hours, then home for lunch. Back to pool, 2.5k technique session before running 1.5 miles to collect bike. Dropped bike off home. Ran 2.5 miles to my sisters. Cooked dinner and spent time with mum, jane and jude. Then 2.5 miles run home and into bed.

As if that wasn’t manic…


Up bright and early and drive down to Box Hill. Head straight out for a beautiful 2 hour run. Back at the car I have a narrow escape when my beautifully prepared tupperware of breakfast is knocked into the back of the car and I just manage to catch most of it on the lid. Phew ! John arrived at around 8am just as I was starting my breakie. We got on the road by about 8.30am and did 3 laps before I dropped my bike off at the bike shop for a check up ! Spent an hour in there before meeting John again and did a whopping loop round Surrey. We ended up in Cranleigh for some snap. I discovered the butchers does pork scratchings so i munched 200g of the stuff- delicious. We then looped back to Box Hill cafe for coffee and cake (in my case, the usual rock cake). Back to the bike shop where Jo had just finished getting her bike checked over. By now I’d done about 90 miles at an average of 15.5mph. John headed home whilst Jo and I headed out to find a time trialy section of road to do a race pace session one. We managed to sort out a fantastic 20 minute or so loop where all but one short climb could be done on the Tri Bars … we belted round there at pace for over 90 minutes. By the time we got back to the car I’d done 139 miles and my average was up to 16.6mph. Awesome. We went out for dinner before heading home.

My race bike set up is finally complete. I ordered a pair of Xentis quad spoke wheels on Wednesday morning which arrived on Thursday. Last night I must have changed tyres on about 6 sets of wheels as I set up my TT bike and sorted out the old TT ready for sale. My P3C looks absolutely awesome with the new wheels. I’ve no excuses this year when it comes to the quality of my equipment ;o)

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