Beautiful Weather

The weather has just been awesome recently and today just topped it all. I was out in a sleeveless cycling jersey and it’s only mid April – can’t remember wearing such kit so early in the year before.

Today I lead a club ride out to the Surrey Hills. It was really successful – good group, decent pace and a lovely route (even if I say so myself). We had a lovely long break at the Box Hill café laid out in the sun. It was nice, I bumped into Rob and got to show him my new road bike ! An Independent Fabrication XS which I picked up on Friday night. Today was only it’s second ride. We ended the ride bang on 100 miles in 6h 42.

I managed to get out for a run first thing before the ride. Legs felt heavy initially but eased off after about 30 minutes. Managed a good 2 hour run.

Saturday was along similar lines. Got up early and did a 2 hour run. Felt great from the outset. Along embankment 2 young lads (probably about 13 or 14) ran along with me. Note it’s about 4.30am. “You been running long mate ?” , “about 25 minutes”, “where do u live?”, “about 25 minutes back that way”, “that’s lucky”. “what do you do ? You a fed ? or u a computer consultant like my dad” … it went on until “I’m knackered” and they stopped.

I had a rapid turnaround to get out to Jo for a 7am start. She had a 4 hour ride (30 min warmup then 3.30 at race pace) followed by a run. I would accompany her until she got back towards Epping. The pace was kicked up as we approached Epping – we were going well. But by matching green I was suffering and Jo pulled away. At the turnaround as Jo saw me coming the other way she said “see you later” – she’d clearly not understood where I was planning to leave her. I thought if that’s not the case then cheeky buggar suggesting there’s no way I can catch her. As it turned out I couldn’t. By 3 hours in I was starving – not normal for me to start a long ride with a couple of hours balls out riding. I eased off the gas abit and got into a steady aerobic pace. Ended up with 136 miles in just over 8 hours.

May as well fill in the missing day: FRIDAY. Took it relatively easy – 5.3km swim in the morning and a steady lunchtime run with Stephen.

In a week I should  be reporting on the London Marathon!!

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