Leaving Christchurch

ChChEarthquake.jpgWe’re about to leave Christchurch a city that I’ve grown ever fonder of the more time I spend here. Even experiencing the earthquake hasn’t lessened my love of this city. In fact, seeing how the people have got through it, how determined they are and how they’ve helped each other out just rather strengthens the bond I feel for the place.

If you look at this picture above you will get an idea that an earthquake is not just an isolated event. Following on from it there are innumerable significant aftershocks which have you wondering whether you should be dashing for the door. You grow used to this regular shaking of the ground. Prior to this past month I’d never experienced such a thing and it makes you realised how engrained the mental model is that the earth does not move significantly, homes and buildings do not shake. That model has been blown away.

This has been our longest trip to Christchurch and it’s been wonderful how we feel we’ve become part of the triathlon community here. It’s quite a small close knit group here in Christchurch and it’s so nice to feel a part of it. I’ve known more people at the races I’ve been to here than I think I’ve ever have in the UK. It’s made me quite determined to get established in the Taunton triathlon scene.

I did my last ride this morning for an hour or so. I felt on fire. So fresh. It was a little sad not knowing when I’d next be riding these roads.

Our plans currently don’t include a return to Christchurch next year though we’d thought the year after. However, having done Taupo again, enjoyed it but still not got the sort of performance I’d like there I’m wondering about a shorter trip next year to include that race. I’ll have to decide soon as entries open next week and I’m pretty certain it’ll sell out more or less immediately.

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