Cent Cols – Prologue


57km, 218m ascent, 1:51:13 ride time,  0 cols

We arrived at Ian and Julies great place in the Pyrenees, unpacked bikes, had lunch and then had a briefing on the 11 days ahead of us. Following that a group of us decided to cycle up the valley to Luchon to check out bikes and have a coffee, tea, beer.

It was great to be back in the Pyrenees. Felt like I’d hardly left and I could remember the roads (there aren’t that many to remember). We had an incident on the way up. A freak mechanical where Peters pedal came off, leaving the pedal axle in the crank and the pedal attached to his shoe. He came off and banged the back of his head on the tarmac. Thank god he had a helmet on as he broke his helmet. He was OK and after a few minutes we were back on our way. In Luchon he got new helmet and pedals why we relaxed in the cafe next door.

The ride back was less eventful but I did get caught up in driving the pace a little on the front with three others. It was fun but tomorrow there will be none of that. Maybe later in the camp when my bike fitness should have returned.

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