Energy Bar

I’ve started making my own low carb energy bar which I use for snacks and have started to do the bike leg of an Ironman with it. I’m still messing around with the mix so this is the latest version. Whats nice is you can tweak this easily to adjust the macro ingredient proportions.

The basic idea is from Phil Maffetone’s “Phil Bar”. I had to adjust this to remove the powdered egg white. I’ve then adjusted the nuts etc…


energybarThe percentages don’t add up – the numbers are based on whats on the packet – I reckon the discrepancy is fibre but I’ve not had the time to reconcile it. The numbers are close enough – this is high fat low carb.






Put all the ingredients in a food processor and blast them till all nicely blended. Then add add a small amount of warm water to get the mix to combine. It shouldn’t be too moist just enough to form bars.

I then do one of two things:

  1. Press the mix in a tray and leave for the water to evaporate a bit then stick in the fridge. After an hour or so cut in to bars
  2. Roll the mix in to balls that are about two bite size. I then roll them in ground almonds which stops them being too sticky. Also makes them look a bit fancy.

Hope you enjoy them.


  • I intend to start adding salt to them
  • will experiment with more peanut butter for taste. I will probably remove the butter which I’d added to give better consistency and add fat
  • will experiment with more coconut as thats a cheap ingredient.
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