Ironman Wales, Tenby 2015



Swim: 56:38 2nd AG / 15th Overall


I knew I was in no real shape to race. I’d pretty much missed the whole summers training due to referred pain in my left heel. It made for a very relaxed race week and the night before I had a lovely dinner with mum and Rachel at the Blue Ball. beer and wine was consumed.

I actually slept well ! Woke completely relaxed and came to my senses. I could probably get round but it wouldn’t be pretty and there was nothing to be gained. I’d be disappointed and would run the risk of doing more harm. I knew if I started the bike I’d finish it and then I’d more than likely just decide to start the run and then it would be difficult to pull out. So, I would pull out in T1. I still went and put nutrition and my garmin on my bike “just in case”.

My relaxed approach meant I headed to the swim a little late and had a real struggle to get to the front of the start. Also – the organisers nicely had the lower numbers marked up at the top of the ramp so I put my shows there only to find duplicate numbers at the bottom – there was no way I had time to battle back up and move them.

It was a rolling start which is pretty stress free. It was also very rough which I love. Once I was clear of the pack I just tried to relaxed and not fight the waves. I had a pretty steady swim and my back coped well. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Soaked up the awesome atmosphere of the run to T1. As I approached the tent the helpers commented how much I was smiling. I said it was because I was pulling out. Yet again my ear was bleeding, a common occurrence and is purely because my arm seems to rub it when I swim in rough water. This caused a little concern to the medics but not for long.

The rest of the day was great fun out on the run giving as big cheers as I could muster to those friends that were racing. It was great to see Zoe stay strong to finish first in her age group, 2nd age grouper overall booking her Kona trip for 2016.

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