Lanza Camp 2012 – Day 4


Another day and No Jelly Fish !! So, we brought the swim handicap forward to this morning rather than leave it to chance that we’d be able to hold this, the first of our “points” races, tomorrow.

Lanza12Points-4aThis was a proper race – it was really very rough and I felt it would really favour the strong swimmers. How wrong was I – Paul and Sarah swam strongly from their handicapped front positions to hold everyone off and take first and second. For his win, Paul received two pairs of Blue Seventy goggles. I managed to come in third and must apologise to Mel for again not giving enough time and for laughing as I passed her on the beach turnaround.  I’ll note it here so I get it right next year – I need to give her four minutes.

Well done to everyone for completing the course in pretty scary conditions. Special mention to Emma our super ride leader who not only acted as waved battered turn buoy, but then accompanied Ted for the second half of the race to ensure that he completed the daily minimum swim requirement having withdrawn himself from the race on grounds of being “a bit scared” (his words!)

Lanza12Points-4bNext on the day’s agenda was the Tabeyesco Time Trial. The second points race of the camp, we had everyone starting off at one minute intervals. The conditions were definitely not favourable for this event either, and to give an idea last year I went 31:23 @ 340 watts today I went 31:04 @ 357 watts and about 3KG lighter. Great to see so many people working so hard this far in to the camp as people were clearly tired during the ride to the start-point. It’s good for everyone to appreciate that even when tired they can race hard. That really is what a training camp like this can do for you more than anything you’ll do on your own; chuck in a bit of a competition and even after 3 hard days we saw some full-on efforts and great performances.

We’ve worked out the handicap result for the Tabeyesco TT, and our winner is Rob – he gets a Freespeed Retul bike fitting. He’s been riding so strong on his new bike and I’m sure Richard’s expert eye on his fit will only make him stronger.

After a refreshment break in the Mirador Haria Cafe, about half the camp headed for our scheduled  “long ride” whilst the rest took the standard 97km option most of those, having realised that teh actual distance was 99km at the hotel finished with a lap of the block to make it up to 100km for my Eddington Numbers!! I was chuffed not only that they did it but also that they clearly understand what it’s about. This contributed to the number getting to 96km.

Those that had run wild cards used them. Everyone else ran the minimum, Jo and I both chose to run an hour after our rides to make up for a lost run earlier in the week. Frank headed out for a second swim (and didn’t sight any jelly fish).

With one race to go the camp points are tight. Having crossed the line 2nd on handicapped swim race and ranking 5th on handicap in the Tabyasco TT Sarah is leading on 21 points  (13 for a 1st, reducing to 1 point for last on handicap)  but then it really masses up behind with three tied for second on 18 and several with between 15 and 17. Tomorrows 10km run race will be exciting with every place worth a point and Sarah will be one of the first to start.

Our points standings are:

(note that camp completion is required for winning the points prize)


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