Camp Week 4


Wow this has taken a while coming. Firstly the end of the final week in Lanzarote was pretty hectic. Then back in the UK I got completely engrossed in working on two things

  1. 1.An improved version of my own training database.
  2. 2. Database for our camps. The last camp I tracked all the training data for each camper. It was fun to be able to give alsort of stats. As we do more camps it will become more interesting. it will also make my life on camp easier. This tracks training, competions, points, handicaps and gives rankings for individuals (across all the camps they’ve attended), camps and across all camps. On top of this it tracks our camp Eddington Number !

These two completely engrossed me. It was lucky that I got ill and had six days solid where I couldn’t train and left the house twice (to get food). Jo and Alex were away – I spent the whole time working solidly and was completely engrossed. It reminded me of my days as a software developer.

Then finally I had some mess up with my website which meant it was down for a while. I’ve a temporary fix now and hopefully a permanent fix shortly but for now it means I probably won’t have comments on this blog (real shame ;O()

This brings us to now. I promised myself that once I felt better I would give myself another day before I trained. This worked well as I was buzzing to train on Thursday and got back in to it on Friday. Today I raced the Taunton Aquathon (1k / 10k). Despite the best part of 10 years racing Triathlon I did the classic of having a quick look at the details of “Auto multisport” on my new garmin the morning of the race. Of course I then didn’t operate it correctly so didn’t get any splits. I did have a great race. I was in the first wave and was at least 250m ahead of the next person on the swim and never saw anyone till the finish. Jo reckoned I ran a 38 minute 10k which I was chuffed to bits with. Really enjoyed it.

So… back to the final week in Lanza. The final week started with an easy day as we moved down to Playa Blanca. All I had to do was ride down there with the wind. We then chilled out and went to a tour of the Stratvs winery which was fascinating and tasty.

Jo had been subtly getting the idea in my head that I should be resting up for my supporting duties. I (finally) picked up on it after front loading the week a little with some big rides. The Wednesday ride was just awesome. I finally got back that feeling of old of just being able to continue riding and riding hard for as long as I wanted. I got it in my head initially that it should be an Eddington Number ride which meant 129 miles but then I felt so good I thought I should put one out there and out towards a likely lifetime Eddington number. 150 miles seemed about right but required TTing the last hour. Great fun. I was buzzing from how quickly my bike fitness had come back. I saw my estimated CP go from 285 watts (per Golden Cheetah) at the start of the camp through to 334 watts at the end – this compares with where it was at at the height of last season.

That signalled the end of the serious training for the camp. Now it was serious support duties. I will cover that in my next post.

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