Camp Week 3


This has been another great week. Back to a little more bike focus largely because next week with the approach of Jo’s Double Ironman I’ll have less time so will probably do a little more running.

I’ve kept on my swimming again by getting two solid swims in with Rachel and EK. We did the 40 100s again but this time went off 1:30 for two sets of 10 rather than 1:25. Despite this I was swimming about a second slow. Must be fatigue.

Biking has been solid this week with some long rides at lower powers. Again I think some general fatigue couple with riding on my own for much of it. Friday was a particularly notable day as I managed to push my bike Eddington Number up one to 129. Chuffed to bits though it’s not getting a toughie as it requires 5 rides of 130 or more to get to 130 and 16 rides of 131 or more to get to 131. I manage to run really well off this ride which was so pleasing. I started to believe I may be able to run again this season. I was so completely and utterly zonked that evening. I was asleep as my head started to fall towards the pillow.

On Sunday and Monday I met up with Russ and three of his athletes to ride. They are great company and Russell is clearly doing a great job with them. The Sunday ride was long with some very solid efforts on the hills. Monday was all about Tabeyesco. I’ve been using this as a test to see how I progress and to calibrate Raceday Apollo.

Here’s my progression

  • 12th Jan – 32:30 @ 304 watts
  • 22nd Jan – 32:34 @ 311 watts
  • Today – 29:38 @ 333 watts

It’s an understatement to say I’m chuffed to bits. Thats off the back of 640 miles (15,000m ascent) riding in the preceding 8 days, riding every day. It further comfirms my experience that my bike fitness returns well riding day after day after day.

I’ll finish with my Bike Training Stress Graph:


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