Kona Arrival

KonaArrival11.jpgI still feel a thrill when I walk down the steps from the plane and on to the tarmac at Kona airport. With globalisation it’s a place that feels properly different because it’s such a small open airport. All my luggage has arrived, the bike is put together and is AOK and yet again the Kona Seaside has done me proud putting me in the tower (the better rooms) despite me booking a cheaper room. The view not quite like last years but still OK. Looking forward to swimming from Dig Me Beach with Roger tomorrow followed by breakie in Lava Java – have to do this this week since next week it will be rammed.

The journey over whizzed by. 3 decent films, a good book, a couple of beers got the first leg done. Then met Roger at LAX and slept for the second leg.

The beers on the flight is a reflection of a more relaxed attitude this time round. I think a change in world view has put this game in perspective a little better but also my relaxed attitude at Wales seemed to work and there’s a definite feeling that this could be my last time here as I can foresee the cost of flying over here escalating quite a lot.

Having said all that the experience at Wales has made me reconsider whether I want to qualify next year and I’m pretty sure being out here is going to sway me.

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