Embruman 2011

Time: tbc

Pretty relaxed approach to this race as it was part of Epic Camp. It meant we’d done a big days riding the day before and had registered late and not gone to the briefing. I found myself unable to think clearly about what I needed… it took so much longer to sort out my race kit.

I’d been skeptical about including this race in Epic Camp but I did really enjoy it. Not sure it compensated for the faff though but I would definitely recommend coming and racing.

The swim start was one of the roughest I’ve been in. There was a 20 yard dash across shingle and it seemed some slow swimmers had lined up on the front and had a far better turn of speed than me. They also decided to dive in in knee deep water which meant I more of less had to do the same. I then swam water polo style literally over people. To give an idea how slow some of these people were I was passing some of them with two or three strokes. I’ll admit I had no mercy with some strokes being on shoulders … there was no water to pull. After a few minutes of this I got some space and focussed on settling my heart rate. I then worked my way through the field to the front pack of swimmers. There were swimmers ahead but at that point I decided there was no point.

Transition was mega slow. I had road shoes and didn’t want them stinking so put socks on. I had no gas canister so I stuck a small pump in my pocket – clearly didn’t do it well enough as I lost it. Then out for the monster initial climb. Something like 350m in the first 6km. It then rolls before a very quick descent. It can be hairy at times seeing people racing down this. I so one guy over cook a corner and take a tumble – he was very lucky to walk away from it. The final bit had a little TTing which was fun. In the 44km route there was 750m of ascent. Those doing the full iron distance event do this to start and then head on a 136km loop taking in the 1500m ascent of the Col D’Izoard. Amazing.

T2 was a little quicker. The run was good, I felt OK and managed a 45 minute 10k which felt pretty comfortable. All in all happy with it.

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