Epic France – Prologue

ECFranceIt was a long journey yesterday from Taunton to Lyon. Left home at 10:15am and got to the hotel about midnight. The whole time my hand and arm were swelling more and more. The woman at the checkin desk at Heathrow was a little concerned. Got a load of Piriton in Boots and it seems under control now.

Good to catch up with Russ on the journey over. He’s looking fit. A lot of the usual downplaying of fitness though Russ was heard to say at dinner he’s fitter than in Lanzarote in May. Reckon he’ll be the man to beat up most hills.

There’s the usual nerves ahead of the start of camp. Points competition rules are reviewed and there’s always slight changes … not intentional I’m sure I just don’t think they’ve ever been written down so it’s done from memory. Swim points could be tricky as pool time will be limited and since we’ll be arriving at unknown times the pools aren’t booked and we’ll swim in public lanes. I was hoping to get away from using public lanes.  Trying to not let this dishearten me but in past camps some of the pools we got to swim in were real highlights. Bike tack on’s are back in but my bike form is a complete mystery so they may not be quite my usual ally. Running may be were it’s at – run minimums at 8k or 50 minutes whichever comes sooner ! Since it’s hilly terrain the 50 minutes may be the key. 2hrs for the bonus.

The first couple of days are slightly different due to racing on Monday. personally I would have preferred not to race with 100s of other people and instead spend more time exploring the alps with those on Epic Camp. As it is we have an early start to get to Embrum to register at lunchtime, then swim and run. I can imagine there’ll be a lot of faff getting all registered but am already thinking points and wondering about a 2hr run. Similarly racing a Oly Monday morning at 8am will mean we’re all done by lunch time. No idea what the faff will be but that should be another chance to do a 2hr run.

As you can see I’m completely motivated to fight for yellow. I just can’t help myself. I’m also being open here about my plans … a nice clean, open, fair fight is was I want.

It’s very strange being here without Jo. It just doesn’t feel the same because it isn’t. The camp hasn’t even started and I already miss her ;o(

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