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Eddington11-1This has been a while coming due to the incredibly slow internet connection we’ve had here in Christchurch for the past couple of weeks. I think I’m perhaps the only Eddington Number fan in the world so readers have to humour me once a year as I do a public review of my numbers.  The progressive increase in difficulty of these numbers intrigues me but I also track annual numbers which means each year I have some achievable targets to go for.

Previous reviews: 2009, 2008   


It’s been a pretty consistent year reflected by one of my best weekly training EdNums – 28 weeks of 28 hours or more and 52 weeks of 52 minutes or more. The latter shows I took no weeks of complete rest. My daily number of 9 hours shows I didn’t do too many mega days as I didn’t manage 10 days over 10 hours. A lot of the life to date figures are pretty much at their terminal figure. Daily hours is 11 requiring 6 x 12 hour days to go up one. I’d guess I’ll get to 12 in the near future but 13 seems a long way off unless I continue Ironman till I die and start getting 16+ hr finish times. Weekly hours is getting pretty tricky to move at 43 hours. This year I’m unlikely to move it given my new fewer hours approach but in my heart I’m hoping that figure will get to 50 in my lifetime – if only because I want to do more Epic Camp / Epic Camp like weeks. My whole triathlon career I’ve done these mega weeks – initially on my own staying in a pub in Scotland and then as part of Epic Camp. The 427 daily minutes is pretty pleasing – 427 days of over 7hr7mins !! Can I get that to 500 in my lifetime?

Targets for next year: 210 for daily minutes. Thats it as nothing else would fit with my 100hrs per month cap.



My swimming has really come on this year and I think it’s a straight reflection of the work put in. My annual figures this year include some of my best. At least 7 7km days, 48 weeks of over 48 minutes and at least 6 weeks of 6 hours or more.

Life to date figures see some looking pretty much unmoveable. 9km per day, 6 miles per day, 4 hours per day all look unlikely to move unless I get some training time at Club La Santa and get enticed into double training days.

Targets for 2011: LTD weekly KM to 23 (it’ll only take one week of 23k). Daily km 7 or more. With Rolly’s Ironman sets I will probably get 7 x 7k swims before I leave ChCh. Will I get any 8k swims though !



This is where it all started with the bike. Cycling fits best with this statistic as the numbers for distances are the right sort of size. I feel these are the ones I’m really chasing.

This year I managed for the first time to get an annual weekly mileage number of 52. This is harder than it seems as it means 52 miles EVERY SINGLE WEEK. This was really tough the week after the European Long Course … I remember heading out for a ride with Jo to get just 12 miles … it’s the toughest 12 miles I’ve ever ridden. Then post Busselton I forced myself out for three short rides to try and make the 52 easier to get but on the Sunday (the last day of my week) I had to crank out 39 miles to keep on track. Again a very hard 39 miles.

There was a period when I thought I was on track to beat 2007 101 mile EdNum but I think Epic Camp and recovery from that put me behind. Yes Epic Camp held me back ;o) not through lack of total miles but lack of rides over 101 miles. By the build to Kona I realised it was not possible. 88 looks close, but in practise I needed 32 rides of 102 miles or more to get there. Instead I moved to the 117 KM and got darn close but no cigar.

Life to date mileage is getting tough now though I have moved it to 128 on 2nd Jan when I rode my 53rd longest ride of 150 miles. Classic route going across both summit roads to Akaroa and back. Bizarrely I did it because I wanted to get the follow altitude graph:


It would have been easier to just draw it though probably less fun.

Targets for 2011: Beat my annual best daily KM of 117. Get daily mile number to 130 and get KM over 190.



There’s not much to say with the running numbers since the past two years have been relatively conservative. The years prior to injury put a lot of these number seemingly out of reach. The daily miles is going to take some shifting as it’s stuck at marathon distance though the plan is to race the OMM next year which should get me some ultra distance runs, at least in training.

The consistency of my running this year is pretty pleasing with my weekly figures getting close to previous years.

Targets for 2011: LTD daily KM improved … should be easy as my Ironman racing will do it. Annual Weekly KM over 40 and miles over 30.



For completeness here are my gym figures. With my new approach non of my gym sessions are planned to be more than an hour which more or less means most of these figures won’t be moved on.

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