100,000 Miles

100000.jpgEarlier this week I hit a milestone of 100,000 miles on the bike since I started Triathlon. It’s been this back of my mind milestone since starting since biking was my weakness and I felt I needed “miles in my legs” (it’s what all the cyclists seem to say) and 100,000 seemed to be a decent number of miles.

Before I write my thoughts about this weekends race I thought I’d relax by pulling together a few stats and graphs. The graphs above show the distribution of riding over the course of the last 6 year and 11 months of keeping a diary. 2003 was when I started triathlon but didn’t keep a diary though I did record the 2,551 miles on the bike computer for that year. It seems such a minuscule number, however, I did win my first triathlon on such limited mileage. I could really run back then.

  • Time Taken – 7y 11 months
  • Average ride length – 67 miles
  • Average day – 35 miles
  • Average week – 243 miles
  • Average Month – 1, 053 miles
  • Average year – 12,637 miles
  • Longest ride – 207 miles done twice – once on my Merckx and once on my Indie XS
  • Shortest Ride – 2 miles – recorded 3 times (Moots, Indie, P3C) … yes I record all riding. Just shows that average is probably better than it looks as all these 2 or 3 miles are just pulling it down.
  • Biggest Week – 765 miles recorded at Epic Camp this year. My week runs Monday to Sunday.
  • Biggest Week To Date – 822 miles the week ending 7th Feb 2009. This was during my monster training in Christchurch in the run up to snapping the tendon in my foot ! There has been only one other occassion where my week to date has been bigger than my biggest week – 781 miles  for the week ending 31 Aug 2007. A thousand miles in a week is still a big of a goal of mine though it doesn’t fit with my 100 hours a month cap.
  • Shortest Week – 0 miles (on 17 occasisions)
  • Biggest Month – 2,577 miles in August 2007
  • Shortest Month – 0 miles in March 2009 when I was in a wheelchair. It’s the only month I’ve not ridden.
  • Biggest Year – 18,569 in 2007
  • Shortest Year – 2,551 in 2003 – first year of triathlon.
  • Number of Centuries – 414
  • Most Centuries in a Year – 104 in 2007 this started my Eddington Number addictions
  • Number of Double Centuries – 7
  • Number of 200k rides – 140
  • Most Ridden Bike – Merckx with 27,067 miles
  • Least Ridden Bike – P3C – 2010  with 199 miles (the warranty replacement frame I’ll probably sell)
  • Average Bike Mileage – 7,695
  • Number of bikes used – 13 – this includes a few demo bikes I’ve tested.

I think thats enough stats. Why put them up here ? Well I’ve found it fun and I know when i first put up Eddington numbers it got a few people thinking about their own. Perhaps this will do the same.

Should be blogging tomorrow about the race.

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