Leaving Kona

LeavingKona10Todays photo is from Ron. I don’t his surname but he was kind enough to send me this photo he took of me in training on the Queen K. I feel I’m back in to training now. Yesterday Jo and I headed up from Waikaloa to the Belt Road and along to Waimea. We reversed the route which was great fun as we had a tailwind for 18k and then dropped about 2,500 feet in the next 18k. Again I was riding strong and had a normalised power for the whole ride of 212 watts. I’m hoping with a little hard work in November I could be ready for a cracking race in Busselton.

It almost feels like we’ve arrived in Kona a few weeks ahead of the race. We’re swimming each morning with just a pleasant number of people. This morning the water was so clear it was beautiful. As I bobbed around in the Pacific at the first turn buoy I knew I wanted to come back. Felt like the sea was putting on a special show for my last swim to ensure I remembered how beautiful it is.

I could get used to this routine. Went for a swift run along Ali’i Drive ending at the pier for my swim. I’m now running in Bikila’s and they feel great. In fact, i feel good running. Today I ran from the hotel to the 1.5 mile marker and back in 21 minutes. I ran from the marker to the pier in 9 minutes. Jo is pretty adamant thats 1.5 miles … I hope so !

I’m resolved to try and qualify again for next year. I’ve got to keep coming back till I at least work out how to race well here.

Been updating some bits of this site including the Eddington Number page – I will blog to explain more towards the end of the year but for now there’s more stats on there than you can poke a stick at … I love it ;o)

Next post will be from Christchurch.

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