Kona Arrival

KonaArrival10.jpgSome benefits seem to have accrued from staying in the same hotel for the past 4 years. For one the staff remember me and look so pleased to see me back. Secondly they put us in one of the best rooms in the hotel. The picture above is from our balcony. It’s a bit of a shame we’re racing as the view of the start from here will be superb. Will have to give Mary a key just in case she wants to pop up and watch the start from here.

I’ve just got back from a 2hr ride to try and get me back in to the groove after 2 days of travelling. Following a swim this morning where I felt terrible I had a bike ride where I felt terrible and am fully expecting the same on the run I’m planning once I’ve posted this. To be expected after two days inactivity and I’m pleased to get this out of my system before tomorrow when Jo and I will ride to Hawi and back.

The swim this morning was pretty cold but we did get to swim with a pod of dolphins ! I’ve become rather blase about this sort of thing as it’s such a regular occurrence here in Kona bay. It still did feel quite special.

Our journey here was long and relaxing. Starting at about 6am with us managing to stuff 2 bike boxes, 2 large bags and 2 rucksacks into Jo’s mum’s Nissan Micra. It didn’t leave room for me so my journey to Hawaii started with a 20 minute walk. Then on a bus for 3 hours to Heathrow. Got there pretty early so 2hr wait before we could check in then 3hrs before our flight then 11.5 hrs on the plane to LA. Lots of time to relax. I enjoy it as in normal life you rarely get extended periods where you really can’t do anything. Jo and I chatted (a little), drank coffee (a little) and worked on computers (a fair bit). We arrived pretty late in LA so weren’t tempted by dinner at the hotel and pretty much went straight to bed. We both agreed this was for the best as we’d have over eaten. It did mean we went to town at the breakfast buffet. Pretty healthy but vast amounts. I think I ate half a pig as bacon and perhaps a dozen eggs but as it was probably going to be our only proper meal all day I felt justified.

Then a couple of hours waiting at the hotel. At the airport the checkin lady was lovely and we chatted about the Ironman. She let us off the charge for bikes which meant in total we paid a massive £17.50 to transport out bikes all the way to Kona. She even checked them through to Kona so Hawaiin Airlines didn’t get a lookin to charge us for them.

Another couple of hours wait, then a 6 hour flight before a further 4 hours wait in Honolulu airport, followed by a 40 minute flight, 20 minute cab ride and finally we’re at the hotel !

As I said long but because of all the hanging around quite relaxing.

Considering how many people we know doing Kona this year it felt rather strange that we’ve not met anyone we know so far. Jo and I swam together this morning then went to buy breakfast and eat it on our balcony. It’s rather nice just being the two of us. The calm before the storm though… it’s going to be great.

Wandering around Kona just feels like coming home. It’s good to be back. I almost feel in as a good a shape as last year but despite not feeling quite so fit I KNOW I’m in  a better position to perform well as I can now run !

My plan is to blog pretty regularly just about the day to day stuff in the build up to Kona.

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