Ready To Go

IMNZ10Preview.jpgIt’s becoming a bit of a tradition for me to take a picture of my bike pre race. This is quite early as I’m not sure what web access I’ll have from tomorrow. So here’s my bike all ready to rumble with it’s new race tyres. I rather like the look. It’s something nice about having a black and white bike … you can spice it up with a bit of colour ;o)

There is quite a worry though. The right aero bar is wobbling a little. As I remember this is how the snap started out at Ironman Germany in 2008. It really is a concern but there is little I can do bar changing aero bars. Not the cheapest option, especially in New Zealand, so the Yorkshireman in me is winning out. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and cable tying it up so that if it does snap it will (hopefully) still be usable. It’s throwing some doubt in my mind about my plans to try out the oval aero bars with this set up. Not sure throwing more money at this design is a good idea. I’ve sent an email to Oval but we’ll see whether I get a decent response. My other thought (more expensive though) is to use 3T’s new Zefiro bars. I think these could be set up with aero extensions. Enough, this is something to think about after the race.

I’ve completed my last weekend of decent training. On Saturday I did a full gym session, long swim (7+k) and a run. Then Sunday I did a long (188k) ride. It meant I did 30.1 hours for the week which is more or less bang on what I’d thought. From now it’s super easy. 5 days of pretty much rest, just get me moving some of the time and the odd bit of effort if I feel like it. Today I did a very gentle 1 hour ride and I felt frisky. I ran for 20 minutes and felt strong. Then a 30 minute steady swim followed by my final gym session. Full circuit but third the reps and on reduced weight.  Tomorrow we travel up to Wellington by train and boat which means no training at all. Wednesday morning I’m hoping to swim and will do a short run. Then we drive up to Taupo in the afternoon. Hopefully a bit of everything on Thursday, including checking out the bike course around town. Friday rest up ensuring I’m ready to seriously rumble on Saturday.

Neatly brings me to predictions. I feel it’s worth stating now what I think I should be capable of mainly as a record for myself to see whether I prove to be as ready as I feel I am.

  • SWIM: 52 minutes (couple of minutes slower than last time since Pros start 10 minutes ahead so I probably won’t be in such a good pack)
  • T1: 5 minutes (it includes something like a 500m run)
  • BIKE: 4:55 (want to be sub 5 which will be 8 minutes quicker than last time. Wind will be a big factor)
  • T2: 2 minutes
  • RUN: 3:30 ( still can’t decide whether this is what I’d like to do rather than what I’m trained to do. It may be wishful thinking but I hope [wish?] not)

That would get me 9:24 which would be a 3 minute PB for the course, would, almost certainly,  get me on the podium and pretty much guarantee a slot.

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