Epic Camp NZ10 – Day 5

EpicCamp5What an absolutely awesome day. So enjoying this environment. Firstly todays photo – we were issued with Chamoix Cream and this tub above at the start of the camp to try and help keep are arses aok with so much riding. Made me smile seeing who Scott had got to prescribe this.

On the bike I’m feeling stronger each day and today was great. We were heading to the south end of Lake Taupo. A huge chunk of the day was gently rising terrain which is just the terrain I’m strongest on. Half the camp had headed off early. The rest of us had Gordo pull us along at a nice pace. I sat on the back and chatted with The Baron. At the back of the group you get all the accelerations over rises and certainly if you want to keep the group together then strong riders that aren’t pulling at the front should be on the back.

After about 60k we had a stop for drinks. Gordo made a couple of comments that got me in the frame of mind to do a pull. The first that the rest should be worried about letting Clas and I just cruise at the back chatting. The second was he thought we’d catch the Grupetto by 100k but now thought we wouldn’t before lunch.

Not long after that I went to the front just to do some work but without realising a gap appeared, I eased off and then Gordo went to the front and the gap appeared again. At that point I went to the front and slowly built the pace till I was in a groove pushing along at just the point where you notice your breath. It was so nice. Clas made me smile when he said “It’s hard having so much power” and “you’ve got to use your horsepower”. I pulled the whole way to lunch at which point I think there was only Scott, Clas, John and Tara. I’d managed to pop Gordo… well he said “I pulled the pin whilst I still had a choice”. Scott said he’d kept thinking at least we’d get to lunch sooner but he’d not be able to eat anything. John said I’d lost an ally.  Tara seemed chuffed to have hung in and Clas told me I was riding like a pro.  The banter was great and it really made me laugh.

The documentary crew then asked to put a camera on my helmet pointing backwards. I’d not really planned to be on the front again but what the heck. I pulled the whole way to the finish making for a total of 100k stretch. I came in with Scott, Blanco and Clas. I was buzzing. We did 182k in 5:40 !

Straight out for a 10k run with Clas and Russ. Then down to the lake for a 45 minute swim before running back for another 10k. The extra run has put me in yellow again !

Tomorrow is sounding rather full on and Gordo is reckoning we’ll struggle to finish everything in the 12 hour window. I’ve hatched a plan that will take slick and smooth operation to work !! Will report tomorrow. Rest assured I am having the time of my life on this camp so far.

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