End Of Another Year

EndOfAnotherYear.jpgAnother year comes to an end. I don’t think I’ve ever finished a year in as good a shape as I have this one. It’s quite amazing to think I’ve gone from being in a wheelchair to completing an Ironman this year. I was thinking on the bus back from the pool this morning (note I’m not running back from the pool these days) as I saw a guy running fast how I’m still recovering from an injury. I think this is almost the toughest time as it’s only me that really appreciates I’m still recovering. See that guy running fast made me realise it’s a long haul to get my running back and I need to bear this in mind for Ironman New Zealand and not try to rush things.

Epic Camp is almost upon us. I’ve had a pretty easy few days and today I’ve felt so fresh. I was strong in the pool, though it was an easy session. I did upper body weights and was the strongest I’ve been since the summer. Easy peasy spin on the bike. Not much tomorrow and then off for the camp.

Not sure of my goals for Epic Camp. Going for yellow has rather been removed from me as Gordo announced the points rules for this one and there are no points for additional riding. Given ride tack on’s have been a key aspect of my gaining points in the past and my other one – running long is unlikely due to my foot then it pretty much puts me out of that game. Can’t even go for the oldies jersey even though I’m over 40 now as thats a moving target … you have to be older than Gordo. I’ve thought and thought but for the life of me can’t work our how I’m ever going to be older than Gordo ;o)

People that know me well know I’m a lover of logic and rules that are logical. I think it’s this that makes the rule change for this Epic get to me so much, more than it putting me out  of the running. I understand it’s to stop people from getting themselves in a hole…. ie saving them from themselves. But it’s hand picking a particular thing to save people from – biking long. Now to rack up points you could swim long (not easy with limited pool time), run long / often, hammer the KOMs, go super fast in all races. The last few have more chance of putting someone in a hole than cruising an extra few KMs on the bike. For me Epic gives an environment to push your limits but this time they’re discouraging it. Why not fully inform people and let them chose how to approach it. I think fear has been placed in most people in the run up to this so can’t imagine too many people would be tacking on even if allowed.

Oh well … it’s not a biggie and to be honest it may be best for me. The jersey I’ve always thought looked nicest is the green one and that is now for “Play Of The Day, Coaches Award” – not sure you can have a strategy for that. Crossed my mind that doing a huge amount of pulling on the front across the whole camp could give you a chance. That will really depend on the strength of the other riders. If I find I’m one of the stronger riders, especially in the second week I think I could enjoy doing more than my fair share. The other thought was to tack on riding anyway … could I get 3,000k done in 15 days ? Average 200k a day. Not sure … would certainly take guts to do that with no points available as it would look pretty bloody stupid if I blew up completely doing it ! So no formal goals set … probably have some after the first few days.

It’s gonna be a blast that’s for sure. I’m planning to write an entry everyday and will post them as often as I can. I’m meant to be blogging on the Epic Camp blog. Depending on my time and enthusiasm it may or may not be different from this. Seems like everyone on the camp has said they’ll blog there so it could prove interesting.

Picture today is my Training Stress Balance for the year. I thought it looked cool ;o)


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