Recovery09.jpgI already feel settled here in Christchurch. It’s nice coming back and finding I remember bike routes, run routes, bus routes. I’ve bumped in to several people I know and heading to the squad swim the coach remembered me as did many of the swimmers . Made me feel welcome. On top of this we’re staying with Andrew and Ali who we got to know towards the end of our trip last year. They also have another house mate Rob. We’re a triathlete household. We’re all doing Triathlon. Ali is switching over from Multisport. Rob is also a sports scientist and helps out with the New Zealand Elite squad. It’s fitting with my thoughts about the ideal way to live (perhaps I’ll blog on that one day) and I’m enjoying it.

Jo and I have now got a proper logo for our coaching business:

We’ve also got race kit designed and should be getting it in time for Ironman New Zealand with luck. All very exciting.

So finally to the topic of this post, recovery. It’s 10 days post race and I feel recovered. It’s the best I’ve ever managed it. I’ve not even put on any weight. In fact, I lighter than I was race morning ! I think the key to this has been doing more than I would normally. Changing location really helped this as it gave an incentive to get out. Also, I managed to not blow out on the treats (other than the day after the race) which has meant when I’ve had them I’ve really enjoyed it. For instance, today returning from the supermarket I had the biggest bag of chips ;o)

Here’s what I’ve done since the race:

  • SUNDAY: 2.5 hour very easy ride including stop for ice cream and stop for cream tea
  • MONDAY: 30 minute easy open water swim
  • TUESDAY: nothing – travel
  • WEDNESDAY: nothing – travel
  • THURSDAY: 30 min easy swim. 1 hr light gym
  • FRIDAY: 2 hr steady bike on the flat, 30 min steady run
  • SATURDAY: 5.5 hr steady ride. Jo had intervals but I kept it steady. One stop. Very windy, so had a 45 minute section on the return where we cover well over 30km !
  • SUNDAY: 3h40 group ride. Felt good on the flats but suffered on the hills. Later 30 min steady run
  • MONDAY: Squad swim. Did just over an hour of it. 2hr gym light on the legs.
  • TUESDAY: Full squad swim. Tough session – 6k in just under 2 hrs. 4 hour ride. Start was very hilly to test out legs. Felt ok. Second half on flat and felt very strong.
  • TODAY: Long run  this morning – 18k in 90 minutes. Pretty chuffed with that. 40 minute very easy recovery swim. 2 hr full on gym though lighter on the legs.

I’m getting loads of sleep and my resting HR has come down. All good signs. Now hoping it continues so I get a few good weeks training ahead of Epic. My thoughts are turning to that now and whether I’ll be going for yellow. I’m pretty sure I won;t be able to resist trying but I think with my lack of running it will be difficult.

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