Painted Church Loop

PaintedChurchLoop.jpgI did take a picture of the Painted Church but it’s not that great. It’s painted yes … but it’s just painted plain white. It’s not like it’s some flash paint job. So a picture of coffee will have to do. What a great ride that loop is though. Thanks Scott for scheduling Jo this route yesterday. The scenery is lovely and the smells as you ride along are amazing. It goes round the shoulder of the volcano rising to 1500 feet before descending back down to the sea. The scale of the volcano is mind boggling. At 1500 feet you feel you’re right at the bottom of it – it just goes on and on and on. The ride proved just right for what I’d planned. It was a little under 3 hours for 40 miles. There was a fair bit of climbing and I pushed on steadily for all the climbs and took it easy for the rest. I was a real tourist taking my time on the downhills and flats so I could really take in the scenery.

On the way back I got stung by another stingy thing. This time a bee. It hurt and I admit I was shouting “you Bastard, you bastard” as I screeched to a halt. There was the stinger and venom sack hanging out of my finger to be carefully removed. Got going again for the super quick return then 4km from home get a flat. Riding on the shoulders here is so treacherous – another case of a large staple straight through.  Then went and pinched the tube putting the tyre on. Not the ideal end to a lovely ride but like for Jo yesterday it really did my mood the world of good. So nice to just ride and not be an automatum belting up and down the Queen K with everyone else.

I got down to the swim early this morning and got out before the crowds. Did the full course and pushed it a little getting round in 64 minutes which I was really pleased about. It’s getting pretty crowded now with most racers probably in town by now. Bumped in to Douglas and had a natter before heading to Bongo Bens for buffet brunch. Was able to be totally paleo with omelette, scrambled eggs, bacon, pork and this raw fish dish. It was great and I think the consensus was we’d be back to make a serious dent in that buffet the day after the race.

The race is fast approaching and I’m pleased to say I’m starting to feel quite rested.

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