Dig Me Beach

DigMeBeach.jpgHere’s a picture of Rachel and I on “Dig Me Beach” at 7am this morning just before swimming the full course. We swam it pretty easy. Rachel is swimming well as she pulled away from me pretty easily. It was another lovely swim though there were lots of little stingy things at one point. Once past halfway it felt like we had the ocean to ourselves.

The rest of my day is for rest so we headed to meet Russell and Roger at Lava Java for a slow relaxed breakfast. What a great spot – chat, enjoy the sun, great food, nice coffee watch people swimming by and triathletes strutting their stuff up and down Ali’i drive.

We discussed a little about “Run Walk” for the run and I’m getting pretty convinced this is probably going to be my best approach. My original thought had been to walk through each aid station but perhaps that will be too often. Every second one may be a better approach. No need to decide yet but really must have a plan of action before race day because without a definite decision in my mind that walking isn’t quitting I probably won’t do it.

My legs seem to have recovered from yesterdays run and I feel slightly more positive. Will try that run again since there seem to be no ill effects today and it feels that each of this runs I manage now may help me multiple times over come race day.

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