FaLEtJOGFast Lands End To John O’Groats

It all started with Roger sending me a pep up email pointing out that if my foot didn’t sort itself out then perhaps I needed a period with no pressure to get it running again and should thus think about alternative goals / challenges.

This email exchange gained it’s own momentum. It started with doing the “PAC Tour” but soon became lets give the RAAM (Race Across America) a shot as a pair. We investigated this a bit but decided against it when we found out we’d need roughtly a budget of £20,000 each to give it a shot. I then made a quip about doing a quick Lands End To John O’Groats.

Before I knew it we had a date fixed. We’re going to give it a go. There are two big decisions still to be made:

  1. How many days. 4 or 5 is what we’re thinking
  2. Supported or unsupported.

I like the idea of just rocking up on our road bikes with a toothbrush in our pocket and heading off. Since we’d be on a pretty tight schedule we’d have to book accommodation ahead. This makes it quite committing as we would have to get to there.

Roger is keen as mustard to do the 4 days – thats over 200 miles each and every day. I’m slightly more wary. A quick look back at my stats and I’ve spotted a weekend in 2006 when I rode 196 miles on the Saturday and then 171 on the Sunday. I know how hard this will be. I feel if we go for 4 days (and I’d like to) we should try and get a support team.

It’s going to give us lots to talk about whilst we relax in Kona.

Training is going very well here. Doing some solid swim sessions with Rachel, been doing intervals and hill repeats on the bike and have been aqua jogging every day. On a lighter note there’s a little challenge I try at the end of rides.

When I was a kid we used to play this game down this hill near home where we had to try and freewheel all the way to the roundabout on the outskirts of Middlesbrough. There was one spot that was key – a small rise and it would find us there going at next to no speed trying to nudge our bikes over knowing if we did we’d do it. Well here there’s a similar stretch of road from Tinajo to La Santa. 5km downhill apart from two rises which, depending on the wind, can be tricky to get over. A lot of the time it’s in your mind being willing to move so slowly (a bit like aqua jogging … but thats for another time).

Today as I returned round El Golfo I saw a very serious looking triathlete. Next time I see him is when he belts by me whilst I’m doing about 7kmh in full aero position trying to get over this darn rise. I wonder if he realised what I was doing ?

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