Vitruvian Race Analysis

VitruvianYou can read my race report here.

I completed the Vitruvian yesterday but I’m rather regretting not being sensible and pulling out of the run as my foot is darn painful to walk on. At least I managed to ride the 112 miles home pain free. In fact, I felt on fire riding home. Seeing the podiatrist tomorrow. My only hope for Kona is that some sort of insert just sorts it out. Based on yesterday I’m pretty sure I could get round the run in Kona but not sure at what cost.

If I ignore the foot (difficult) then yesterday was incredibly satisfying. Actually, finishing the run was incredibly satisfying but the swim and bike. GREAT. Real proof that my training is paying off.

The swim was very controlled, really only an RPE of 5 and I managed to come out of the water first in my wave with the third fastest swim split of the day. I’d put this down to the slightly increased volume of swimming together with doing lots of weight training.

Then the bike. This was a lovely controlled bike ride and the sort of levels I envisage riding out for a full Ironman. That will be with a taper as well. I was pleased with how I executed the bike. I reigned myself in right at the start, I have a tendency to go absolutely on the rivet for the first few KMs. I also have a tendency to over do it up hill as as soon as I slow down I have this strong feeling that everyone is now catching me. I focused on not doing this and ensuring that my effort level was just the same as on the flats. This made for the climbs feeling easy ! The result was I felt strong throughout and was not passed by a single person.

When I can run again I need to work out how to continue getting this level of bike and swim performance whilst doing a lot of running. Since some of this improvement could be down to

  1. not being tired from running; and,
  2. having more time to swim, bike and get the gym

I started the run still leading my age group which certainly gave me a bit of a kick !

Unfortunately I found it pretty much impossible to make myself quit. I had 15 minute if walking as I approached halfway but could not talk myself in to not heading out on the final lap. Even Roger shouting sense at me each time we past didn’t help – sorry Roger you can tell me now that I should have taken the advice. I should as the foot feels the worst it has since the surgery.

Very worrying but since I’m seeing the Podiatrist tomorrow afternoon I’ve decided to hold off worrying.

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