Rutland Training Camp

RutlandTrainingCampAt the moment I’m faffing. The weather is terrible. It’s 3pm, I have a 3 hour ride scheduled and it’s meant to be at pace. Not sure it’s particularly safe in the current conditions so I’m holding off but much beyond 4pm and I’ll just have to knock it on the head. For now … it’s blogging.

Jo and I are currently staying in Rutland house sitting for my friend Roger. We’ve got a great set up here for training. There are loads of quiet, good surfaced roads round here to ride on. Apparently there’s good running though I’ve yet to try it out. We can open water swim each Wednesday night and a new 50m pool has opened at Corby. Been going there this week which is the first week it’s been opened and as expected there are some teething problems which frustratingly has resulted in the lifeguards clearing the pool 30 minutes early 2 out of 3 days cutting my swim short. It’s a great facility just a shame they don’t set these things up to provide decent pool time for serious swimmers. As usual in modern society it’s dumbed down to the average. I’m not saying things shouldn’t be provided for all just don’t neglect the keen. It means that the originally planned 3 hour ‘laned swim” on sunday afternoon has now changed to a family swim so you can only train in a 50m pool from 7 till 8:30am two mornings and given the speed of access it means in practise you get at most 80 minutes. It also means the gym doesn’t have assisted dip / pull up machine – even the gym instructors felt the gym could do with just a few additions to allow it to cater for the serious gym jock.

It’s fun living the good life here. There is a large vegetable patch, orchard and numerous green houses. Loads of stuff coming into season so we get lovely fresh produce everyday. Jo is in her element and the number of cooking apples has meant we’re having baked apples regularly. She’s also made rubarb pie and even a carrot and beetroot cake which was delicious. Our duties included feeding the dog, cats, peacocks and chickens. The latter produce several eggs a week and they are noticeably better than anything you can go out and buy.

My big goal here is consistent volume, introducing some bike intervals and finally getting running again. Last wednesday Roger and I joined Jo for her intervals. We did pretty steady riding either side of 8 lots of 8 minutes hard 4 minutes recovery. I hit the first four hard. On the 4th Roger was hanging on my wheel pushing 300 watts ! I faded a little from there. I’ve also had numerous rides at really good effort levels. I’m feeling good with my cycling. My foot has settled down so I’ve tried some short runs. There’s a nice 4k loop here. I tried running it hard and managed it in 21 minutes. Finding that Jo cruises round it in 20 minutes really hits home how far off the mark my running is. Not surprising given I’ve run maybe 50  miles in 5 months. Where I can get for Kona will be interesting to find out.  Swimming is proving better here than I’d expected and should get some decent steady volume. I’m not great at doing sessions on my own in a public session but given how I’ve felt on steady efforts I think long swims will do me good. I managed 4k (including warmup) in 58 minutes and then yesterday cruised 4k in 61 minutes. Feeling good but noticing my arms tiring in the second half. More of this should help me before I get back to London for hard squad sessions in the final weeks before heading to Kona.

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