ZonkedPretty pleased with myself. Managed to get myself so exhausted that this morning at Regents Park I was purely going through the motions in order to have a catch up with Gabriel over breakfast before he heads off for Ironman Switzerland. I was on my fixed which in one sense was wise (it forced me to pedal) but mainly it was a bad choice as it was pretty painful forcing my legs round. I feel like I’m getting back in to it when I’ve managed to get myself this dog tired !

I’ve managed a couple of solid days in the saddle. On Tuesday I cycled out and met Russell for late morning coffee. Ended up with a steady paced ride of 124 miles in 7 hours. Then yesterday I’d  agreed to meet Roger at 9:30 for breakfast. Pretty sociable hour you’d think but not when it’s 67 miles away. Alarm off at 4:30am on bike by just after 5am going through London pre traffic. Very nice. At about 50 miles I just had to stop for a bacon sarnie and coffee. Then I got a puncture and had to hammer the last 15 miles. Pleased I was only a couple of minutes late. We chatted and I felt I’d rather bigged myself up about how my riding was going so felt obliged not to be the one slowing the pace when we set off. It was a fair old crack at 90 minutes when Roger had to turn back I was pleased to be able to ease up. Ended up with 140 miles in just over 8 hours.

Unfortunately that wasn’t the end of my day. I had to run to swimming, bringing my run mileage for the week so far to 15 ! Then had a 90 minute swim session before heading to the pub for drinks. I was home in bed by about 12:30 so when my alarm went off at 5am this morning I wasn’t in the best position to ride my fixed. All in all pretty pleased that I’ve handled it and am taking it easy today and pretty light training tomorrow to give myself a chance.

Doing all my running now in my vibram FiveFingers and love it. At the moment I find it difficult to imagine running in anything else. We will see.

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