Whats An Easy Week?

WhatsAnEasyWeek.jpgOur little group of three triathletes is struggling to get going after yesterdays rest day. I slept straight through the swim this morning and have knocked the gym on the head as my shoulder doesn’t feel quite right. Russ has spent this morning struggling to construct an easy week of less than 28 hours. Jo  felt that less than 30 hours was the definition of an easy week. Over the next two weeks I expect that I will become the hardest training triathlete amongst us as Russ and Jo start their tapers.

I’ve continued to edge up my cycling. On Friday I felt great following resting on Thursday and managed to get up Tabeyesco to the summit in 37 minutes (35 to the cafe). This is a further 7 minutes off my time meaning I’ve improved by 15 minutes in 11 days ! Thats quite a nice feeling. Still off the pace with the guys and gal here. On Saturday I rode the course with Russell and Jamie – very pleased to have managed it but was I completely zonked. It gave me thoughts of perhaps I shouldn’t have pulled out of the Ironman and instead just done the swim and bike. That thought was quickly cast aside.

I’ve been doing a lot of gym work. Looking back I used to be so consistent with my gym work. I walked past the gym on the way two and from work and would regularly do two to three sessions of at least an hour with minimum of 20 minutes core work. During that time I had my best Ironman performances. I quickly get out of the routine of gym work and I think my performances (and weight control) have suffered as a result. I’ve not done regular gym work in over 2 years now. Last week I managed 4 sessions …. probably quite typical of me to either do none or tonnes ! Expect 3 sessions this week and next before my return to the UK where I’m determined to continue with it.

Yesterday was rest and the boys were found on the beach trying to eliminate tri tan lines. Mine are worse than usual due to the splint on my leg when I ride. It’s starting to feel like a bit of a mission to come out the other end of this trip with a good consistent tan.

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