Moving On

MovingOnMy last night in London. I’m sat at my sisters, I’ve said goodnight to my nephews, read Jude a bedtime story for the last time in a few months. It’s these two little guys that are   making me feel most sad. This is the start of a major change – with luck by the end of January Jo and I won’t have a base here in London. Come the summer we’ll be free to chose where we live. Quite a change.

I feel ill prepared for leaving – with so much to sort out it feels like something must have been forgotten. Probably not. My flat is completely empty, my bikes distributed about the country. A few pieces of furniture and some stuff is in storage and the remainder thats not been sold, leant or given away has been squeezed into my sisters loft. I’m ready to go.

So far I’ve not trained this year. I’ve been quite ill. I can’t remember being this  ill before and it’s meant that 2 months out from an Ironman and it’s far and away the least prepared I’ve ever felt. I’ve really done very little since Hawaii. The next two months are going to be a real test of what can be achieved in such  a short space of time. I’m just doing my best to ensure I’m healthy when we arrive in Christchurch.

So … lets put down some goals for 2009:

  1. Better than 3rd in my AG in an Ironman
  2. Win the West Highland Ultra
  3. Sub 9:30 at Kona
  4. Sub 9 at Busselton

I find goals like that difficult to translate into the daily reality of training. For this I need to just pursue numbers … so here are a small subset of my Eddington targets:

  1. 40 weeks of 40 or more miles running
  2. 30 weeks of 30 or more hours training
  3. 112 rides of 112 miles or more
  4. 250 mile ride
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