Espresso In The Pacific

ExpressoPacificAnother entry hot on the heels of the last one. Todays picture is me in the parade last night. The parade is pretty good fun as parades go … largely because it’s not too long, it’s pretty informal and there’s rather a party atmosphere.

This mornings swim was just awesome and really sums up what makes the build up to this race so good. There are now literally hundreds of people down for the swim start. At the times the beach is completed covered with triathletes. I swam out to the halfway buoy with Paul and Toby, both in their Blue Seventy suits… I had to work a little harder to stay with them today and for once they were either “half wheeling” me or I was just sitting in. We turned to head for the Coffees of Hawaii boat and on the way saw loads of dolphins. Initially just a couple then had a whole pod, including babies swim underneath us.

Arriving at the boat we could see spinner dolphins putting on a show just 50 yards away. We got served our coffee from Scott (Molina) again. I bumped into Randy, an Epic Italy vet and we caught up. Imagine the scene, lazing in the Pacific, catching up with a friend whilst sipping a lovely Expresso with spinner dolphins jumping in the background. Then it was all rounded off when Paula Newby-Fraser and Heather Fuhr cruised by looking incredible Hawaiin standing up on their surf boards and paddling with a single paddle.

Rest of today is rest and chilling. Afternoon in the pool with Jane and my nephews then we’re all heading for an Epic Camp reunion late afternoon.

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