Arrived In Kona

ArrivedInKonaIt’s great to be back in Kona. The place feels so familiar. We had a little walk down by the sea, had wondered about getting something to eat but since it was after 9pm held out little hope … we were right. Some macadamia nuts had to do.

The bike has arrived safe and sound. Above u can see me finishing up putting it back together. Got a pretty good room at the Kona Seaside. Top floor look out across Palani -views would be better the other side but it’s still pretty good.

Journey over went really well. With two connections to do with a little under 2 hours for each there was a chance of a mess up but all flights were bang on time and all the luggage came through.

For the final leg from San Fran to Kona I was sat next to Vern who manages Bike Works the big bike shop here in Kona. He was on his way back from the Inter Bike bike show. Really interesting chatting to him, helped the journey whizz by. He said they should be getting a couple of P4s in for test rides ! Also some cool, hot off the press (production line) Specialised Aero helmets ! We chatted about riding on the Island and gave me some routes if I decided I don’t just want to plough up and down the Queen K for 2 weeks. He should be able to hook me up with some people to ride with if I want … we will see may just prefer to do alot of my own thing.

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