Following an Ironman there’s that period of analyzing the results, and when you’ve had a good race basking in the memory of it. Been enjoying that big time this past week. I knew I’d had a good T2 but when I checked I had the FASTEST T2 out of EVERYONE (well joint fastest, someone else did 1:36 as well). John Newsom noticed this so it’s gonna get a mention on Ironman Talk and I’m going to get an Art Of Tri T-shirt as reward. Makes me feel great this – always think that if you race through transition that makes you a real competitor, those just wanting to complete just tend to take their time. So being faster than anyone (including the pros) is awesome.

Other great news I got today is that Ironman are changing their age grouping rules for next year so that they are the same as the ITU. ie you race as per your age on 31 Dec. This is fantastic for me as it now means I move up an age group for New Zealand and Lanzarote into M40-44 and I reckon this significantly increases my chances of a podium finish though probably doesn’t make winning it any easier.

Been a good week this week, rested well, got some easy training done. Feel fresh and ready to go and on top of that my weight is the same as when I left for Wisconsin – thats a bonus. I slept 14 hours on Friday night and 8 last night ! Today I did a gentle 90 minute ride. All set to start back into it tomorrow. Feeling good and confident about Kona now. Really up for getting these final weeks training done and then nailing the race !

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