Ironman Wisconsin Race Review

Chuffed to bits with my race. Read all about it here.

Not much time for this entry so may write more about my race later but some quick thoughts now.

I was so nervous when I woke race morning I could hardly eat a thing. With hindsight this perhaps was a sign I was up for this.

Swim – The swim went awesomely. Great position for the start, got clear of the pack without redlining – a first for me! Had the feet of the lead guy for a while but decided his pace was too quick. This was probably wise but when I heard he did 49 minutes I can’t help but wonder “what if” … I’d had the chance but made that split second decision better to ease off and lose his feet. The fastest pro swim was 51:52 so given my 52:25 swimming on my own I like to think I would have been with the lead pro pack if I’d started with them !!

Bike – did not feel good on the bike for the first 80 miles. My legs really didn’t feel like they wanted to do what I was asking of them. I stuck at it which was very pleasing indeed. Also pleased with myself that I showed restraint on all the hills – I probably worked less hard on them than on the flats. This may be what result in my final 30 miles being the strongest on the bike. Also shows that you really don’t need to feel good to be racing well.

Run – I pushed it the whole way round. That was enough for me – I’d kept focus and didn’t ease off. It was important that I showed myself I could still do this. I finally felt tough again.

To cap it all getting on the podium and the Kona slot was awesome. Still gives me a real buzz to get a slot. So back to Hawaii next year again. I can hardly believe it !

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