Arrived safely in Madison. We’ve put out bikes together and everything appears ok will head for a ride shortly. Been looking forward to being able to blog from here and then discover that I’ve been an idiot and not brought the latest website on my laptop. I’d been updating from my Laptop at home so assumed I had but I’d been opening the site from my desktop. What a plonker ! Anyway – I’ve added back the entries into this version … so it may look like I’ve reposted 4 entries – sorry.

Flight over went pretty well other than BAs rather annoying ‘book online’ seat allocation resulting in Jo and I not sitting together. The girl next to Jo (travelling alone) wouldn’t switch seats ! This does not compute to me. I like to think people are generally nice and I tend to find that. But really – not moving purely because my seat ‘wasn’t as good”  ! Other than exit rows is there really a difference.

Drive up here was uneventful and Madison seems pretty quiet. Nice though. Found a cheap place for a cobb salad last night and it was lovely. This morning we ran a big chunk of the run course. Legs felt lifeless at the start but got better after about 20 minutes. Pretty undulating, alot on very hard surfaces. Can see why very few people get under 3 hours on this run. Reckon sub 3:30 will be very good going.

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