Getting There

GettingThereWithin 2 weeks of IM Wisconsin. Funny, if this was New Zealand or Hawaii I’d probably be at the race venue now and the event would feel so close. From here it still feels like ages. Jo has ‘officially’ started her taper ( see a nice blog entry stating this fact here. ) Me, I’m pushing on ! This past week has certainly seen more rest than planned and today has been a complete break. My running has had a forced reduction as a couple of niggles (hamstring and groin) have made me hold back. However when I do run I feel good.

The push is continuing this week as I’m am really looking ahead to Kona. Thats the race I want to nail. Wisconsin will be done well rested but not fully tapered. Fingers crossed that will be enough to qualify, I feel it should be.

The weekend certainly made me feel it is starting to come together. Both days I rode over 100 miles and felt really good. The saturday was fast and slightly flatter (but it was still Somerset!) whereas Sunday was hilly. I ran off the bike on Saturday and was running fast and feeling light. It’s giving me mixed feelings – looking at what I’ve done since Germany this is LOW volume for me and that makes me feel uneasy, out of my comfort zone. However, when I’m out swimming, biking and now running as well I feel fast, comfortable and strong. I’m clinging to the latter and really starting to get some positive thoughts about Wisconsin. At the moment, for me, I think thats the most important thing. I need to feel the confidence to go for it on the run. Time will tell.

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