Still Pushing

Wensleydale Triathlon yesterday. Jo and I before the start and above a photo showing how flooded it was.


Race the Wensleydale Triathlon yesterday in appalling conditions. Good fast session. Blitzed the swim, steady bike, terrible run for about an hour and then it started to go well. Jo didn’t catch me ! Was pleased with it, enjoyed it and stuck to my guns about training straight through.

This past week is right in the middle of my push phase and though the hours of training has been relatively low (for me) it’s still felt like pushing. The intensity of alot of my sessions is higher than I’ve done in a long time and I’ve felt the need for rest. As such I’ve stuck with hitting my key goals and not doing any more.


Managed 20+km for the week including all the squad sessions. Been swimming really well as evidenced by getting 30 seconds up in the Wensleydale Swim which was only 400m. Then this morning, in a public session in Stokesley pool I did 6km in 1h33 and it felt easy !


Very low mileage this week. Only 220 miles which would be a recovery week back at the start of the year. However, every ride included a session. On Tuesday I got a long ride done (100 miles) inluding 1h20 at above IM pace and 2.5h at IM. On Thursday did 6 lots of 6 minutes above Ironman. Saturday did 4 lots of 12 mins above IM and 45 mins at IM. Then yesterday a 40m hard ride in gales, pissing rain and at least 4 25% hills.


Hit the 100 miles for the week again. Included a 3h long run. Also a interval session on Thursday night, 3 bricks and yesterday a reasonably tough 12m fell run in pretty nasty conditions.

Feel that over the next two weeks I need to include some over distance riding, if only for my mental well being – I feel reassured about racing IM and having something left off the bike if I’ve done some long rides.

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